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Get more people signing up and using your product

If you need copy that converts, get's users excited about your product, and keeps them using it over time...

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Businesses who work with me often see results like...


Conversion rate increase for a multi-year award-winning FinTech company.


Decrease in Cost Per Lead for a successful FitTech business.


Increase in monthly sales for a leading MedTech platform.

I write copy that gets people taking action. Like signing up for a trial. Adopting features. Using them often. And upgrading to your paid plans.

Put simply, I can help you acquire new users, optimize your onboarding, and reduce your churn rate.


Landing pages to acquire users and leads
Conversion-first website copy


Onboarding emails and strategy
In-product copy to encourage feature adoption
Upsell emails to convert free users into customers


Nurture sequences to build brand-evangelists
Feature launch sequences
Referral campaigns and landing pages.

Get more users taking action →

"Lucas is a serious force..."

"He doesn't wait for an opportunity to get creative with his strategy. Always thinking about making the most impact and focused on gaining the best result, he thinks outside the box and puts the customer first. Amazing to watch him work."

Harrie Truscott

Marketing Manager

You & Co Media


Website copywriting and and user experience design.

Research-driven copy that delivers strong results

Instead of knocking out an email sequence or landing page in a couple hours like many copywriters, I first assess your customers pain points, goals and anxieties so we know exactly how to convert your visitors:

1. Understanding your customer & market

I conduct research to refine the messaging & market positioning of your product—in a way that resonates with your customers.

2. Writing, editing, and wireframing

In this phase, I write your copy and edit it using a multi-phase editing system. Afterwards, I'll place it in a wireframe where you can give me your feedback.

3. Testing and optimization

After your copy is set live, we can work together to analyze the results, and come up with new test ideas to build upon your results.

"Who is Lucas Mondora?"

Glad you asked :). I'm a Conversion Specialist for SaaS & Technology Businesses.

I've spent the last few years working at the center of many growth teams in agencies. Not just as a freelance copywriter. But at ground-zero, running CRO campaigns for early-stage and established software companies.

Conversion Specialist for Product-led SaaS businesses.

Former roles:
Senior CRO Producer (Conversion Rate Optimization) & Acquisition Marketing Consultant @ Web Profits. Founder & Previous Owner @ Swol Headquarters Technical Content Marketer @ You & Co Media.

As a result, I've developed the skills and the processes to get my clients (and maybe you, too) results like this:

Increased website conversion rates by over 520% for an innovative Fintech company (yes, really).

Built acquisition funnels for many SaaS Products, sometimes bringing hundreds of leads and users in the first month.

Built landing pages which converted cold traffic into leads at 1/7th of their previous CPA.

Successfully expanded B2C SaaS into B2B markets with product-led acquisition strategies.

+ many more...

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