Turn your SaaS funnel into an ROI powerhouse

Frustrated by low conversion rates, under-performing strategies, and slower-than-forecasted growth? Conquer them all with your own, expert-led CRO program.

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Businesses who work with me tend to see results like these...


Conversion rate increase for a multi-year award-winning FinTech company.


Decrease in Cost Per Lead for a successful FitTech business.


Increase in monthly sales for a leading MedTech platform.

So many growth-hungry businesses are held-back by the same problems — lack of clarity, hit-or-miss strategies, and a low-converting website. That makes growing fast next-to-impossible, leading to rushed strategies and relying on best-practice fixes.

To speed up your growth, relying on rushed tactics and best practices won’t be enough. You need well-planned optimizations tailored to your audience and your business.

I'll work with you to identify your specific growth roadblocks — coming up with tailored solutions that improve your conversion rates and help you grow faster.

I dig into your website and product analytics, customer and market research to find leaks in your funnel, conversion roadblocks, and how to overcome them. And instead of outsourcing your design and development, I work with your team to make sure that everything turns out the best it can.

Let's optimize your conversion funnel & make you stacks more money

Get regular guidance and assistance with researching, brainstorming and launching profit-boosting test experiments.

Ongoing conversion research

Analysis of your advertising & website analytics, customer journeys, user behavior and teardowns of your website and product's UX.

Conversion optimization strategy

Using our conversion research, customer motivations and emotional triggers, I'll identify new ROI boosting test ideas & recommendations.

Weekly calls and frequent assistance

We'll catch up each week to discuss our plans for the next 7 days. I'll also assist where I can, provide feedback, and optimize your work.

Get the big wins you want using a rigorous research process

Customer &  Market Research

I conduct surveys, interviews & competitive research to identify the hidden motivators, goals & psychological triggers behind your customers' behavior.

Technical Analytics Analysis

This is where we come up with quick wins & funnel leaks by looking at your products usage data, plus website performance via channel, device, landing page etc.

Onsite Behavioral Analysis

This is where we identify usability issues & quick wins by looking at screen recordings, heatmaps & user flows.

Heuristic & Usability Teardowns

A teardown of your website, sign up funnel & onboarding journey using Conversion Heuristics & Emotional frameworks in order to identify areas of interest and test ideas.

Want to get more people signing up and using your product?

"Lucas doesn't wait for an opportunity to get creative with his strategy to make the most impact and gain the best result."
- Harrie Truscott. You & Co Media

On-Demand Consulting

Best for smaller companies who have a DIY mindset and just want guidance.

Conversion Optimization: Let's go past best practices to run through data analysis & CRO frameworks to ideate new test ideas & next steps.

Acquisition: We'll brainstorm and prioritize a list of acquisition marketing ideas that can help you bounce up your conversion rates.

Onboarding: I'll help you hone in on the exact issues causing users to churn, and provide you insights, next steps, and recommendations.

Available in 30 and 60 minute time slots.

Limited time: $60/hour

(GrowthMentor.io launch special. Usually $100/hour.)

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"Who is Lucas Mondora?"

Glad you asked :) I'm a Conversion Specialist for SaaS Businesses with over 4 years experience in CRO, Acquisition, and Digital Marketing.

I've spent the last few years working at the center of many growth teams in agencies. Not just as a freelance copywriter. But at ground-zero, running CRO campaigns for early-stage and established software companies.

Current and past roles include:

  • Founder & Head Of Growth @ precisepath (current)
  • Acquisition Marketing Consultant @ Web Profits
  • Senior CRO Producer @ Web Profits
  • Technical Content Marketer @ You & Co
  • Founder & former owner @ Swol Headquarters

If you're interested in optimizing your website, onboarding and acquisition marketing strategies, click the button below.

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