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If you want to win online, you need to max out your conversion rates

However, that's easier said than done. If you're trying to grow a business, then you've likely run into these problems before...

The traffic coming to your website isn't turning into that flood of new users you hoped for...
Free accounts aren't upgrading to paid as much as you'd like...
That new marketing strategy failed to meet your performance expectations.

If that sounds like you, then you need a gameplan designed to generate more signups and revenue from your existing marketing efforts.

That's exactly what my CRO audits are — an actionable gameplan stacked with insights, quick-wins & detailed test experiments.

Here's what you get:

Customer & behavioral insights

Improve your messaging & website so it appeals & resonates with your audience.

Strategy & Usability recommendations

Identify and correct flaws in your marketing, website & user experiences.

CRO test ideas & experiments

A prioritized list of test ideas, complete with wireframes, copy & UX flows.

"Lucas is a serious force..."

"He doesn't wait for an opportunity to get creative with his strategy. Always thinking about making the most impact and focused on gaining the best result, he thinks outside the box and puts the customer first. Amazing to watch him work."

Harrie Truscott

Marketing Manager

You & Co Media

4-Part research protocol:

Follow the data and get the conversion lifts you want

By digging deep into research, I can uncover insights and test ideas tailored to you and your audience, your website and your product.

Customer &  Market Research

I conduct surveys, interviews & competitive research to identify the hidden motivators, goals & psychological triggers behind your customers' behavior.

Technical Analytics Analysis

This is where we come up with quick wins & funnel leaks by looking at your products usage data, plus website performance via channel, device, landing page etc.

Onsite Behavioral Analysis

This is where we identify usability issues & quick wins by looking at screen recordings, heatmaps & user flows.

Heuristic & Usability Teardowns

A teardown of your website, sign up funnel & onboarding journey using Conversion Heuristics & Emotional frameworks in order to identify areas of interest and test ideas.

"So, how do these audits work?"

I'll come in and set up my preferred data collection tools. Once I've collected the data I need, I’ll dig deep and analyze the data and sum everything up in a 20-100+ page report.

Getting started is easy. Here's all I require from you:

Schedule a call and answer a short survey about your business.
Discuss your goals, how I work, and ask me any question you'd like on a 30-60 minute call.
Be willing to let me interview your customers and send surveys.
Provide access to the necessary analytics tools, email software, and a staging account for your product.

Want to get more people signing up and using your product?

Businesses who work with me often see results like:


Conversion rate increase for a multi-year award-winning FinTech company.


Decrease in Cost Per Lead for a successful FitTech business.


Increase in monthly sales for a leading MedTech platform.

Acquisition Funnel Teardown

Best for smaller Tech companies who are focusing on optimizing their new user acquisition strategies.

15-30+ page report stacked with insights, acquisition strategy recommendations, and funnel optimizations.

Detailed teardown of each step of your acquisition funnel, including ad strategy, landing pages, and signup flows.

Customer messaging research to identify what customers need to hear to convert.

Technical and analytics breakdown of your website, including your biggest leaks, and possible explanations for why they’re happening.

Website walkthrough & heuristic teardowns of your main website pages.

A complete, prioritized list of test ideas, along with copy and wireframes for your biggest opportunities.

3 week turnaround time.


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"Who is Lucas Mondora?"

Glad you asked :) I'm a Conversion Specialist for SaaS Businesses with over 4 years experience in CRO, Acquisition, and Digital Marketing.

I've spent the last few years working at the center of many growth teams in agencies. Not just as a freelance copywriter. But at ground-zero, running CRO campaigns for early-stage and established software companies.

Current and past roles include:

  • Founder & Head Of Growth @ precisepath (current)
  • Acquisition Marketing Consultant @ Web Profits
  • Senior CRO Producer @ Web Profits
  • Technical Content Marketer @ You & Co
  • Founder & former owner @ Swol Headquarters

If you're interested in optimizing your website, onboarding and acquisition marketing strategies, click the button below.

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