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SaaS businesses hire me to deliver results at every stage of their customer lifecycle. I automate product-led customer journeys to increase signups, product usage, and reduce user churn.


Are your marketing efforts slow to gain traction?

If you're running a software company, then you know how hard it is to make paid ads work for you. And you also know how frustrating it is to get users adopting your product. ‍

That's where I come in. I'm Lucas Mondora, a Copywriter & Conversion Specialist. I've spent my career working across growth teams, writing copy & running CRO campaigns for a range of businesses—from transforming 'small' software companies into something 'big', to making digital 'work' for billion dollar household names.

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I help businesses grow faster by optimizing every stage of the customer lifecycle

I've worked front and center of many growth teams. Not just as a copywriter who writes successful copy. But at ground-zero, running CRO campaigns and executing acquisition strategies that deliver results across these areas:

Acquisition: acquire new leads & users

This is where most businesses focus their efforts, because game-changing results is often caused by simple changes in the messaging and the flow of their conversion paths.

Activation: boost product usage & adoption

Want fast, compounding growth? Activating more users is the way to go–improving product adoption will snowball your recurring revenue over time, instantly skyrocketing your ARPU.

Revenue: generate more revenue per user

Cashflow is the life-blood of your business. Which means upgrading more users to your paid plans–and boosting annual plan signups–will add massive numbers to your bottom line.

Retention: get users sticking round for longer

Majority of users leave your product because they don't realize the value of your product. If you fix that with better onboarding and email nurturing, your growth curve will explode.

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More users, more revenue. It's time to supercharge your conversion paths

You need users to grow. Ideally as soon as possible. Which is why I follow a product-led approach towards getting your product to do the hard work of acquiring, activating & retaining users for you.

From the messaging across your website, to designing the right go-to-market strategy and landing pages, I'll help optimize your paths to conversion to create jaw-dropping demand.

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Boost product usage, reduce churn & skyrocket your ARPU

The real money's made after a user signs up to your product. But that's only if they see the value in your product, and don't churn first.

You need users to adopt the right features. Use them often. And see enough results to eagerly upgrade to your paid plans.

And the best way to do this is
with product strategy and copy that's personalized to each user, and their individual customer journey.

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Grow faster–no matter what stage of growth you're in

During my career at Web Profits, other agencies, my own businesses, and as a freelance copywriter, not only have I helped multiple billion dollar companies, household names and Tech startups increase their revenue online, I've also:

Conversion Consultant. Founder of Senior CRO Producer & Acquisition Marketing Consultant at Web Profits

Increased website conversion rates by over 524% for an innovative Fintech company.

Increased monthly AdWords revenue by over 600% ($40k - $350k/month) while reducing ad spend, boosting their ROAS from 8:1 to 25:1.

Helped blockchain companies successfully raise millions of dollars for their ICO's (with Crypto Profits).

Built acquisition funnels for many SaaS products, sometimes bringing in hundreds of leads & trial users in the first week.

+ many more success stories...

I've got a process that works. I don't guess. Everything's based on research. And all my copy is delivered in wireframes designed with UX & conversion in mind. Why? Because that's what it takes for a business to grow online.

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Turn more visitors into happy customers

Check out my packages below:

Scalable Growth 

Ideal for pre-launch or early-stage startups preparing to scale.

In this package, I'll work with you to build an automated, product-led customer journey designed to acquire, onboard, and retain users at scale–on autopilot. Copy and wireframes included.

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Copywriting & Product Messaging

For startups trying to boost conversion rates at specific stages of the customer lifecycle.

I'll work with you to build a custom copywriting package that suits your needs. This includes onboarding emails, landing pages, website copy–all based on customer and market research.

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Visitor to Paid User
CRO Audits

For established teams searching for actionable growth insights from a fresh perspective.

I'll conduct a rigorous audit of every stage of your customer lifecycle. My goal: identify quick wins and long-term strategies designed to get more users signing up, adopting, and paying for your product.

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